Twilight time, where sweet dreams, and nightmares combine.
Restless in your sleep, as your spirit walks that fine line.
Fearful as you teeter, you relax as your dream becomes calm.
Drifting, floating, to the soothing sounds of Psalms...
You feel the warmth of breath at your neck, nerves tingling, pulse racing, your mind tells you to go, but your passions say stay.
As the breath grows hotter, so does your longing, inner feeling arise from depths long forgotten, hidden, kept at bay.
Writhing, submitting to the heat, throat throbs with hot coursing blood, passions winning, you give up.
Pulling the hot breath to your pulsing throat, you slowly open your eyes, horror grips you as witness the jaws of the Lunarpup,
....Hungrily seeking to devour you completly.
(Woooooof Baby)

Welcome to my fantasy section!

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Moon Rise
Fantasy Paradise
Rip in Time
Eternal Moon
Distant Shores
Lunar Wiz
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Fantasy almost seems to be a part of how the mind deals with reality.
As long as we can think freely, we can freely Fantasize.
Like PurrRRRrRrrring Puppys
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Bright Blessings & Much Love!
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