Welcome to the Fractal Pages.
Here you will find fractals created using MBF, Sterling, FE and other fractal explorers/software.
Some are "as is", ie: basic raw frac, others have been edited and Lunarized.
There  are 1000's of fractal images posted online, these  are my humble additions.
After all, fractals are naturally psychedelic, so fit nicely here. hehe
I do Lunarize some (most hehe) to make them even more so.
Light 'em if ya got  'em, relax and enjoy your visit.
All Images are 1920x1200, just left click pic, it'll open in a new window full size.
Much Love & Puppy PurRrrrrrrs
Lunarpup >:o):

Shaman Wolf                                                             Ken Kesey
I added a brief "name" to last two. One is very lunarized, well, both are but one was to honor & remember Ken. >:o):
Some of these are rather large files thou I did try to keep under a mb each. I hope this doesn't slow you down much.
There are 20 images per page, so more pages coming soon
Fractals are amazing things, both visually and how often you find them in nature.
Almost a blueprint for, well EVERYTHING!!
Quite Trippy in Their Own  Right
"May you always find your center"
Much Love & Peace
Da Pup >:o):
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