Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
And she's gone.
Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
Lennon & McCartney

These words reflect a mindset that see the world in multi-colored, LOVE, PEACE and Flower Powered psychedelics. A whole generation of expanded minds that became known as HIPPIES and Flowerchildren.
You don't need to be from the 60's or have your mind fried on drugs to be a Flowerchild, or long hair and barefeet to be a Hippie. It's a state of mind. Find Love and Peace in your heart and understanding and kindness for all around you. Face the world with a BIG SMILE and a gentle helping hand and you too may find that you are part of the ever growing family of LOVE.
I welcome all to this family and offer for your visual pleasure these colorful pictures for you to enjoy and download.

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