Here, I have taken some pot pics from the web, and other places,(wink)then played with them a little to give them an artsy look. I hope you enjoy. :)
This page is dedicated to that Wonderous, Beautiful and very Useful ally of human kind. She has fed us,clothed us, lighted our way. Gave us joy, eased our pains, helps heal the mind and set our soul free to play.
Human kind has forgotten how much she has given and turn a deaf ear to word of what she still has to offer.
Her Name ???
She is the Green Goddess, and her children, MARIJUANA!
She  was very much a part of the 60's counter culture known as Hippies.

Did you know....1 acre of HEMP equals 4 acres of trees and will make every grade of paper at one quarter the cost of wood pulp AND one fifth the pollution!! (source: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.)

Moon Ladies
Texas Rose
Did you know... HEMP seed is the world's best and cheapest source of protein.
 (source: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Congressional Records. )

Love Grass
Planet Pot
Did you know... That HEMP & waste paper can generate ALL fuel for autos and replace all nuclear power at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuel with no pollution or Chernobyl. (source: SolarGas, 1980, Science Digest; 1983-84 U.S. Dept. of Energy)

Gift of the Goddess
Plant Devine
Did you know.... Over 8,000 years ago, people saw hemp as a gift from the Creator...And to this day is used by many in daily offerings of thanks for such a wonderous plant.
"When seeking the inner divine...She can open the eyes of the blind to the light of life... Open your ears to the words of truth... She will caress your soul with kindness and fill your heart with love."

Pup Pot
Pot Light
Young Bud
Did you know... That clinical studies indicate, statistically, that you'll live a little longer if you use marijuana than if you don't. ( source: U.S., Jamaican, Costa Rican and UCLA studies. )