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Everything you read on page one, was true! Hemp can be used for many wonderful and useful things.
( Up-date from original 2003 page )
It's now 2016. A LOT has happened here in the USA concerning Marijuana.
Colorado, Oregon, Washington State, Washington D.C., Hawaii & Alaska have legalized Cannabis for recreational use.
This is an election year and several more states  are  voting on  this very subject.  My state, Arizona, and several others. High chances for success is real.
To be honest, I never thought I'd live to see this happening. This  is truly HISTORY my friends, and you're living it!
( the rest is original from 2003, with minor corections.)

Color Bud
Hemp Art
I had kept  wondering WHAT was so wrong with Pot??
I know America is a Booze culture, but pot doesn't have near the negative social impact as booze. In fact, many who use pot are good caring people. Your brothers, sisters.....mothers, fathers....aunts, uncles,
grandparents...your children! Our children are our future and loved very much by the culture of cannabis. Pot smokers aren't evil, on the contrary, most hold a sense of deep value to family, self, others and the world itself.
"Teach Your Children Well"

Fairy Tails
Midnight Merry
Happy Herb
The negative social impact , DANGERS, "The assassin of Youth" and such, involving pot, are the LAWS against Cannabis, NOT Cannabis itself.

Northern Rose
50 +  years ago when I asked why people had to go to jail for pot. I was told it's against the law. They broke the law and have to pay. If you don't like the law, you have the right to vote  to change it.

Goddess Child
Purple Daze
Texas Pride
But....over the years as it seems the voice of the people WILL be heard....the bar is raised higher and the voice of the people falls on deaf ears, or is vetoed by politicians who are suppose to listen to the people, but want the "war" to continue. Too much money involved and being made by their supporters.
"trickling down to them!!"

Soft Bud
Key Hole
Purple Passion
This is a plant from God, a gift of the Goddess,
Take OFF her shackles, and
FREE Her from bondage & Hate!!!
(Up-Date 2016, WE ARE ON THE WAY!!!)

For much more information, Please visit Jach Herer's Web Site!
Mr. Herer is the author of "The Emperor Wears NO Cloths".
A very informative book dealing with Cannabis, and the conspiracy against it.

Also, Please visit,
Cannabis Culture is the online version of the famous magazine from BC Canada. It's filled with Information, updated news articles, stories...
bud pics and much more. Worth a visit.
Many Blessings for all,
May your days be filled with Love & Light.