Peace Pup
Sky Pup
What's that you say?? What the HE-- are dog doodles?
Fair question
Dog Doodles are pics I make when I wanna make something but don't know what, or they just don't fit anywhere else. lol
Most are formed and evolve from a wondering and (open) mind. hehe
As patterns, shapes and colors start taking form.... I keep playing on it till it all of a sudden is exactly what I wanted. :)
{  Or something lol }
(these two below are an example)
<---Dog Doodle  1
Dog Doodle 2 --->
In short, Dog Doodles are the visions of a stoned free, psychedelic mind, of a Lunarpup.
>:o): PurrRrrrRRrrrRrrrrr ,oops, hehe, I mean, Wooooooof
Phoenix Rising
Over the past few months, I've felt as thou I had crashed and burned on several occasions.
We all have those feelings from time to time.
With luck, we rise from the ashes anew, ready for the next challange.
As long as a spark burns within ,
Your Phoenix will rise.

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It's a GROOOOOOVE Baby!!!
In the 60's, there was a play called Hair, in it was a song called Electric Blues. It dealt with technology and how we're wired to it.  little did the world know, from that culture came the
Mac & PC.

Never fear to let your mind wander. Fantasy can be a good thing when approached with Love & Peace!
Let your Dreams be filled with Love,
And your inner being at Peace.