The past 2 pages, I've been on my soapbox in defense of Cannabis.
This page, I want to lighten up, alot. LOL
Pun intended, >:o):

Humor can be quite healing for a troubled spirit,
so  lighten up and have a good giggle.
>:o): PurRrRrrRRrRrrrr

These pics are 1440 x 900 in size
(Just left click pic,  will open in separate window)
{{{{ Enjoy }}}}

Splendor in the Grass
Spaced, Again
Lavender Lady
Med Pot
Aurora Indica
This is a pic of a lower branch of an almost ready plant, or so I was told.
(Lookin' Innocent)
Aurora Indica : A stable hybrid of Hindu Kush x Himalayan indica.
There have been many crosses of this type.... Northern Lights is a good example.
Though NL has captured the spotlight within the Cannabis Culture, Aurora is in a class of it's own....... Yummmm Yummm Yummmy
(Or, so I've been told...hehehe)

Pot Art
Pot Art Too
Acid Bud
Pot Fairy
Purple Rose
Life, however you precise it, is quite short.
there are too many worries and concerns that plague us throughout our lives.
Find things that bring you joy, & happiness. Smell of a flower, a gentle hug, times with friends.... Favorite foood... Etc..
If what pleases you harms none, do as you will with love in your heart.
As I stated, The Green Goddess will caress your heart with LOVE.
Let YOUR Love light Shine.
Much Love to All,