Greetings my Friends.
I had an e-mail address posted when I first set up this site.
Sadly, every day I had to dump hundreds + junk mail. Mainly from Russia, China, N. Korea, ETC.
{ I was new to web and had no idea about "web bots, Web Nasties" I do now.} lol
I really would love to hear from you. Comment, suggestions, ideas, or just general feed back.
{Please be polite, I can take constructive criticism, but will not respond to abuse.}
You will need to type it out:

lunarpup1 at hotmail dot com

All Comments Welcomed.

You may have noticed, there is very little in the way of adds, and no pop ups or redirects.
Personally, I really dislike all that stuff, but there are exceptions.
On the bud pages are links to other sites. Plus I have a whole section that is one big add.
The  { iStripper } pages.
I really love working with their models in my doodles. As long as I have a link back to iStripper, I can post them on my site. Since I use iStripper, I felt this was very fair. >:o):
{{ I make NO $$ for doing so.}}

From the start, All of this has been out of my own pocket.
I had never really gave it much mind for a long time. I got a good feeling just by posting doodles for those I know who liked them. >:o):
Well,  Times, they are a changing.
Between me being laid up for medical reasons for a LONG time with no help from my Govt. Plus wife retiring soon, $$ is getting tight.
I have so much more I would love to add to this site & would love for it to be here for as long as possible.

Recently, several "Fans/Friends" had asked were my donation page was.
I did not have one.  Never really thought of that before.
Well, This is my Pan Handle section....
Spare Change Please??

In the 60's,pan handling became an art form.
Everything was fair, that harmed none.
A bare foot "Hippie Chick" could talk a  buck outta just about anyone with not much more than a sweet smile and an entertaining  story.
Guys had to be a little more creative, though some times could earn $$ by posing for pictures for the tourists.
Personally, I sold Washington Free Press newspapers (underground news) on street corners. And Yes, if asked, $1 a pic, $5 a pic if they wanted a pic of me with weed and I felt they weren't narcs. lol
The $5 would get me a "nickle bag" of pot.  enough for several pictures and many BIG SMILES! }}
{{{ the pic below would have been a $5. pic... hehehe, but was taken in May of 2001 at a march for legalization of pot. }}}
{{{ it's highly "lunarized" lol was sitting on a curb outside a courthouse. >:o): }}}

Getting back to "Da Day", on any street corner, every park, there was music. Guitars, drums, bongos, flutes, etc.
Also, there was "Street Theater"  Mimes, dancers, comics, even full plays preformed on the spot, which could be any where.
Putting out a hat or "tin cup", $$$ could be made.

For awhile, it truly was a magical time.
I would love to be able to keep that magic alive, at least, as memories of days gone by, and at most, maybe can show that Love, Peace and  Understanding are truly eternal, and not just the whim of stoned kids acting out in the mist of time.
I'm 64 now, and I STILL Believe in the "Hippie Ideal" of Love, Peace, Understanding,  Brotherhood, Sisterhood......
Just Imagine, that we Could all live together.... "All you Need is Love!"

If you have enjoyed my little piece of the cyber world, and would like to help spread the Love...
Please Help any way you can, no donation  is too small.
I'm very grateful  for the kind words, smiles and happiness (even $ to help) that some have sent me.

Right now, I only have a pay pal account.
Donations can be made at Pay Pal's web site..
paypal dot com
If you are already a member, open account and look for "Pay  or Send Money" click... select "Send Money to Friend or family,"
That way no fees are charged on either side. >:o):
If not a member, it's free to join. >:o):
My addy at paypal is :

lunarfund at hotmail dot com

Thank You so very much for ANY help you can offer.
Much Much Love & Peaceful Blessings !!
Da Lunarpup