Welcome to another realm of fantasy from the depths of the mind of a Lunarpup.
Those who are familiar with some of the themes I touch on, may chuckle, may even upset some.(Hoping not, none was done to offend, just amuse and enjoy. You see, behind lots of past myths, legends and fantasy, lies truth. Many things we take as "fairy tails" are reminders of old beliefs, and religions. Things we take for granted every day, Christmas, (Yule).... Easter, (Ostara)....A pinch of salt over your shoulder, for good luck, (Salt was, and is seen as a cleanser. Chasing away energies with ill intent. Plus, salt is a needed substance for life itself. Some areas of the world are lacking in natural deposits of salt, so to spill salt was seen as unlucky,countered by a little ritual ) When you cuss at someone, you are casting a curse.
A "scientific" mind will tell you as human kind developed, they "created" these myths to explain their surroundings and comfort their fears.
( "It's 32,000 years ago, a small band of hunters enter the mouth of a deep cave. Down into the earth they travel, lead by a single torch carried by the group's wise one. After passing through narrow passages, under low ceilings...they come to an open chamber. There, the rest take seats as the wise one places the base of the torch into a hole in center of chamber. Carefully the wise one reaches into the pouch she had brought. Pulling out a piece of red ochre, a hollow bird's bone, and other odd sticks and "tools". One of the other hunters stands, holding a stone bowl over the torch flame. This contains the fat from a bison, the very animal they now hunt. Once softened, the hunter places the bowl before the wise one. On a rock that lays on the floor of the chamber, the wise one has ground the ochre into powder. Dipping a finger into the softened fat, then to the powder, a paint is made. The wise one uses this to mark her face. Then, one by one each member of the band is marked. Once again, they seat themselves, in audience. The wise one places the bird bone to her lips, drawing some powder into it. She places her hand on the wall of the chamber, and blows the powder over it. When she removes her hand, an outline is left. Over & over, several times this is done. As this is done, the hunters symbolize each hand print, by placing their hands in same positions in the air before them. A low murmuring is starting to emanate from their throats.... The wise one picks up a stick, placing it in the fat then mixing with powder. The voices behind her grow louder, all are in a trance... She traces a Bison on the wall, louder still, a "hunter", even louder, Then, one by one she draws spears piercing the Bison. One spear, all at once the hunters slap the floor of the chamber with their hands. Whack....Another spear....WHack..and yet a third...WHACK. All is quiet.....")

To a "scientific" mind the above is nothing more than superstitions of a primitive race.
To the Hunters....... It was Magic, and everyday life.

Collectively they gathered... symbolically they approached their prey.(The hand prints, stalking)
They struck..the Bison fell.. the hunt was a success.
With this ritual, they Knew the hunt would succeed..... For Mother Goddess was pleased.
Religion??? in Savages????? Ummmmmmm?????

Look close, do you see the sun with the rays?
This is the entrance to a cave. (You can see part of it to left/center)
The Sun petroglyph is real, and dates about 8,000 years ago.
(pic by Lunarpup)
Nature's Child
There is a saying in Italy...
" I don't believe in witches.........but they exist!"
From the first flickers of a torch deep in a cave, to lava lamps and laser crystals,
"Witches" have existed.....and do exist.
The above cave ritual, was magic at it's finest.....but there is more to being a witch than magic.
Witchcraft is an Earth based religion. It is one of Healing and Love.
Witchcraft itself came from the women left at camp, while the hunt was on. These women knew the earth, the seasonal cycles, the plants, animals. They knew how to use them. To heal, energize, make merry, even to make ill or kill. A force was sensed behind all....The Great Mother. With reverence to divine force, the knowledge of a connected energy, and the knowledge to effect change with it, was born Witchcraft.

The 5th element
Rights of Passage
Even back when Elves and Wizards walked the land unfettered, Magic was Old!
Dragon Moon
Area 51
Winter's kiss
Hidden Lore
"To preserve what was so dear, the knowledge was kept close, held near..From mother to daughter.... daughter to son....... The knowledge was passed, till this day, it had come. What once was thought dead, is truly alive, Blessed be, now the learning time's arrived."

"Every time I go to this part of the desert, I can feel the spirits around me, and I am at peace."
Spirit Quest
"Sky Father. shine on our children so far from home, let them see that they're never alone.. Earth Mother, bless them as they tread your soil, guide them through their work , their toil.. shine oh Father with your heavenly dome, and show their feet the safe way to home"
Sky Spirit
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