From the beginnings of human kind, there have been creatures of myths and fantasy.
Some are the obvious ones, Fire breathing Dragons... A phoenix rising from the ashes, shedding healing tears.... Pixies, Fairies, Elves... Creatures of the night, such as Yours truely,
Lunarpup, the Moondog.... Owls of wisdom, imps...... Cathulu..... night spirits....
The list is tooooooo long to name every one.... It seems humankind's mind created a creature of some sort to explain what ever was unknown and mysterious.
Sometimes, to scare the kids into bed..... " Get to bed now Johnny, or the boogy man will get ya!!" Some, and maybe most, are based in fact.
The Realm of fantasy is full of everything we have in the real world, but in extremes.
You don't walk to the store, You mount your trusty house dragon and fly to the hunt, with your magic bow of true aim.... And if lucky, will find an everlast beast for the feast. The Everlast Beast got it's name, because for such a small creature..... as you cook's meat becomes next to endless....two can feed a village of 400 for the winter, and is only the size of an elk.
Seeeeeee,???? lol the necessity to explain ..... can be a mother of myth.
Everlast Beast....Yea Right...give me a break.... LOL
Think about it thou.... It does still continue. Urban Myths, Big Foot, LocNess<Nessie>
As long as our minds are FREE, we will always have fantasy to help us through.

Psychedelic herbs, mushrooms and molds are believed to have contributed to the minds explanation of thought in to the realm of fantasy. They may have very well even contributed to our very evolution. Mind explanation is an ever present  thirst, a need..... for with it, we grow and continue, without, we stand still, and die as a species.

Sea Wolf
Dragon Moon
We've all heard the stories of man eating plants from the dark corners of the world.
In the 1800's through the turn of the 20th century, explorers brought back tales of encountering plants whose fragrance was intoxicating.  It's victims would be lured to the plant, becoming drugged by aroma, and lay sleeping on it petals. Only to awake to the petals wrappings tightly around them as the plant begins to digest their very essence.
As traveling decreased the size and mystery of the world around us, these stories turned out to be very little more than just that, STORIES.
Or were they?

Nepenthes Bicalcurata
The plant to the right is in the family "Nepenthes" a tropical vine that grows in the tropics of south east Asia, Philippines, N.Australia, Borneo....ect....
At the end of each leaf, a tendril extends down, forming into a pitcher.
The Pitcher, attracts, captures and devours insects and small animals.
It EATS meat.
There are MANY meat eating plants.... some so small, you need a microscope to see, others large enough to eat monkeys.
Nature's little bit of truth, behind the myths. :)

Phoenix Fire
The Phoenix takes reincarnation to it's fullest extreme, spending eternity bursting into flame, only to arise anew from it's own ashes..... Buddha would be proud. :)

Sea Star
" On the shores of a land distant in time and space, a maiden seeks guidance from the Goddess of the Sea Star....."
Mystic  Pup
Deep in the bowels of the earth, lies a chamber guarded by the Dragon elite.
They gaurd a power that even makes the lord of the Dragons tremble with fear at it's thought.
A single blade holds this power at bay. To remove that blade, would unleash the awesome power of the Moondog......."
"Wooooof again Baby......hehehe"