Rainbow Raven
Two shaman, old, and wise in the old ways, face each other across the ceremonial fire.
Their arms outstretched, the feathers of Rainbow Raven, griped with reverence in each hand. Their voices, deep, and in a long forgotten tongue. Smoke filled their lungs, then released to the Heavens
with prayers of peace.
The cool winds had spoken, fall was coming. The crops had been good during the year. They offered their best grain. The Hunt was plentiful, they offered up their finest cuts.
They knew their bellies would be full and their bodies warm during the cold of winter. They offered praise, smoke rising to the heavens with songs of praise to the Rainbow Raven, for her spirit had blessed the people through the year.

Little is know of Rainbow Raven. It is said she was a wondering maiden, of only 20 yrs. Her heart had been stolen, by who, know one knows. She left her village, looking for her heart. The people wondered where she had gone. The air was cool, fall was coming, surely she would not survive the cold winter.
Late that afternoon, A large Raven appeared at the lodge of the maiden's parents. At frist it appeared black as night and frighten the couple, but then, the evening sun reflected off her plumage.
Their eyes were filled with every color of the rainbow, a deep vision befell them and they knew, The Rainbow Raven was their daughter.
With the revelation, The Rainbow Raven dropped a lock of hair at their feet, She looked up to her parents, them down to her, All felt peace. Rainbow Raven flew away, some say south, following the sun, and her heart.
That Winter was a hard one for the people. But a calm peace was over them... They had food, buffalo chips for the fires, warm hides for sleeping.... And love for each other and the life that surrounds them.
It is said that if the people work hard during the year, treat all as brothers and sisters, watch over their crops & young ones... The Rainbow Raven will stop by the village on her way to find her heart.

Those who see her, KNOW their village is blessed that winter.
The two shaman, were in a trance as they spoke the old tongue, Their spirit guides came from behind to assist, The Lunarpup offered smoke prayers to the spirits of the four winds, the Moondog watched and guarded, for he was the Greengoddess' chosen.
For they are children of the Earth Spirit, SHE is that spirit.
A gentle wind is felt, a raven's song is hear as a voice in the sky.
The people of the village are excited... for there above them is a beautiful rainbow, with NO rain..... and four feathers falling from the sky. The people stop, kneel & watch as the wise shaman pick up the feathers, start a slow dance and shed happy tears.
One by one, the people of the village stood, and joined the dance.
The ground was moist that night from ten thousand happy tears in praise to Rainbow Raven.
Rainbow Raven shows up through out the pages,
Keep a look out.
Much Love, Peace & Understanding,
Da Pup >:o):