Welcome to Page 3
While putting this page together, my thoughts drifted to the beginnings of this Web Site.
What a Long, Strange, & Wonderful Trip It's Been.
If you have visited other places here, then you know I tend to type my mind at times.
>:o): This is one of those times. I'll keep it short.
For those who have followed this site through the yrs, You've seen it evolve, stagnate, resurrect, etc. I have been blessed that you continue to see if anything new has been added yet, or just come back to groove on all that is here. My Dear Friends,Thanks to the Love, and Donations from those JUST like YOU!!
Lunarpup IS BACK!!!
I'll be linking a couple pages of animated gifs, full size (1920x1200) soon. Looking into opening a way You can leave your thoughts, or send to me.  Would like to hear from you.
Black light Bunny
Blot swirl
Brain Fart
Dark Night
Colors Forever
As with last 2 pages these images are 1920 x 1200
Left click to open fullsize in new window
Feel Free to save for Personal Use
Much love & Peace
Da Pup >:o):

Demon Dance
Pup Thing
Evil Hare
Pop Swirl
Pup Thing 2
2 Much
Strange Brew
Yellow Swirl
Worm Hole
Fractals are amazing things, the closer you look, the more you see.
When "Deep Zooming" a formula, you sometimes  run across a little "quirk" in the pattern. That's when things get fun. >:o):
Keep Smiling & Keep the Faith
Love IS all you Need!
Much Love & Peace
Da Pup

I have added a new section
of Animated Gifs
They  are 1920 x 1200 & are some what large files 5 - 27mb
pages have jpg still image links to gifs.
<<------------Click gif