Welcome to Lunarpup's Erotica
If you have looked through the rest of my site, then you know my art is a little out there. hehehe These pages won't be much diffrent, except they'll have an added "naughty Lunarpup's" touch.
The Erotica section is intended to display the beauty of the sexual experience, along with its awe and mystery.
So expect a gentle touch to most of the work. No whips, chains, farm animals, and etc... , but as with all my pics, you will find the omni-present Lunarpup. Woooooof
OK, with that said, on with the show.
I decided to separate the pics into "Dream" pages.
Please click the "dream" button to get to that page.
Love and Peace
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Virtuagirl Walpaper by Lunarpup
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