Lunarpup's iStripper Walpaper
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iStripper is a program that lets you download and watch strippers on your desktop.
Personally, I like it, and use it. I also like useing the models pictures to make walpaper.
Linking to iStripper I gladly do on these pages,being a member for many years.
What you will find are the walpapers I've made, and an "ad " here and there with a link.
Please click if you want to visit iStripper.
Oh, by the way, the down loader and player are FREE, and non-stripping dance trailers are FREE.
(LOL I know, Shameless Puppy here)
The above link will open in new window

Left Click pics below, they will open in new window
Some are 1024 x 768, others are 1440 x 900

and, an odd size here & there.
Hope you Enjoy,
Much Love n Magick,
Da Pup
>:o): PuRrRrRrRRrRrrRrrrr

Angelina Crow /Fantasy
Aria / Tree of Lust
Chems /Cannabis
Krystal /Ganja Gal
Axelle Parker / Night Dreams
Ariel / Fire Flower
Chems / I want You
Natali Blonde
Eufrat / Orgasmic Fantastic
Ennie / Dark Pleasure
Carmen Gemini / Blue Mood
Chems / Starchild
Ennie / Dangerous Times
Ariel / Delightful
Bianca / Rapture
Ariel / Dragon Song
Aria/Halloween queen
Cabrina / Glowing
Aria / Witchy Woman
I hope you have enjoyed these. There are more to see.
Much love & Colors

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