iStripper Walpaper
By Lunarpup
Page 7
" The sky is red, I don't understand. Past midnight and I still see the land.
People are saying the Woman is damned, she'll make ya burn with the wave of her hand.."

Burn / Deep Purple
The Ladies at iStripper are sizzling HOT & for every taste.
Sweet Melisa, what can I say? When She's Naughty... It's NICE!
(Click above pic to visit iStripper)
(( OK, 'nuff ad time.... ))
Melisa : Fire Flower
Radiant Heat
Aria /Sexual Explosion
Deny / Fire Storm
Ennie / Nippisous
Ennie/ Psychdelic Sweetheart
Heaven Too
Hidden Angel
Kami / Purple Passions
Hot Licks
Natali Blonde
Natali / Fairy Flare
Trisha / Ghost Dog
Miss Roxx / Zygote
Shay Laren/Passion Wave
Mai, Ennie,Trisha, Ariel
Enjoy the little pleasures in life, just because it feels good, doesn't make it bad.
Much love & Happiness
Da Pup
>:o): PurrRrrrrrRrrRrRrrrrr

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