iStripper Walpaper
By Lunarpup
Page 4
"Living in my dreams of make believe, I really don't care if it shows,
In my dreams of make believe, you touch me in ways that make me grow.
We dance to the beat of passion's drum, rocking and swaying with the tune,
We dance till dawn's early come, souls parting, wanting to touch again,
Please, make it soon.
I'm living in my dreams of make believe, really not caring if they show,
For when you touch my heart, I believe,
My spirit will forever grow."

Thought I'd start this page with a touch of fantasy.
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Light 'em if ya got 'em......on with the show
Natali / Dreamy
Monica Scott
Natali /Dreamy too
Sarah / Full Bloom
Natali / Morning Blessings
Sarah / To the 10th power
Nakita / Visions
Breasts of Nakita
Deny/ Sex on the Beach
Susan / Steping out of a Dream
Tereza / Threshold
Sharka / Pastel
Susan / Titalate
Walleria / Smell the Flowers
Tea / Star Child
Vicky S / Nummy Nipples
Wigston & Morgane

Trisha / Gothic Night
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>:o): Much Love, Light & Lust!!!

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