Naughtiness in your slumber can lead to a moist awakening. :)
But, then again, what is naughty?? Is the sexual act naughty? Making tender love with someone who means the world to you? A stranger who catches your eye, and things click??
There is good and bad in EVERYTHING, but in general, Love making is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated. There is nothing shameful in it. It's a part of nature, in a way a part of God.
So, the next time you awake to your heart pounding, every nerve in your body ablaze with the final release of erotic dreams, smile, and count your blessing.
You could have been dreaming of WAR!
(May All Your Dreams Be Moist Ones)

Liquid Dreams Too
Lunar Dream
Joyful Tears
"Living in my dreams of make believe, I really don't care if it shows,
In my dreams of make believe, you touch me in ways that make me grow.
We dance to the beat of passion's drum, rocking and swaying with the tune,
We dance till dawn's early come, souls parting, wanting to touch again,
Please, make it soon.
I'm living in my dreams of make believe, really not caring if they show,
For when you touch my heart, I believe,
My spirit will forever grow."
Liquid Dreams
Shore Sky
Tit Tat
Water Babe
Double Bubble
Moist Dreams
Hoping you have enjoyed so far, there's lots more, just click around.
"May Your Dreams be Moist Ones"

Much love & Peace,
Da Pup >:o):