Woooooooofs and a few PuRrrrrRrrrrs.......
Hehehe, here I let the dog out, so to speak.
Between Erotica, Psychedelia, and Dog Doodles, a blend of image is formed that needs it's own area. LOL
Some are rather strange, even to me. lol But no less interesting.
Hope you enjoy. >:o):

Buns Up
Clitoral Purs
Fire Fox
Delightful Waves
Helping Paw
Pup Purr
Your flesh radiates hotly, as it trembles to the softness
of lips lightly suckling.
Passions grip you, as you succumb to the
Puppy PurrRrrrrrrrrrrrs!

This page is a bit small in content. I will be adding to here in the near future.
(May All Your Dreams Be Moist Ones)