MmMmMmMmm What a day for a day dream. PuRrRrRrRrRrrrrr
But then again, everyday is a good day for dreaming. ;)
Feeling the sun's warmth as it bathes your flesh, laying back in the soft grass,
closing your eyes and letting your mind take you on adventures you only dare to dream.
Grape Girl
She was a new bride of three weeks. Her mind was on her new life, new home and the man she loved. She had just finished picking up around the house, and sat to watch T.V.
An organic health care show was on. They were discussing skin care and diffrent juices you could use to soften. She thought how nice it would be if her skin was smooth and soft when HER man comes home. She looked all over the kitchen for some juice.... any juice.
Finally finding some deep concord grape concentrate, she goes up to the shower.
After a long hot shower, she slowly & gentle rubs the juice all over her flesh, liking the tingling feeling it gives she thinks, "what the hey", and rub into her hair as well.
She rinses, eyes closed, daydreaming about how pleased her husband would be, and how he wouldn't beable to keep his hands off her soft sensual skin...she giggled and soaped n rinsed again. She had gotten a bit of soap in her eyes, and they were stinging a little as she stepped out to dry. Slowly her vision returned, about the same time the steam on the mirror started to clear. She looked up with a Hugh smile on her face .... Then....She Gasped... OOOOMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!
She was as purple as any good grape juice could be. Even her hair was tinged. Jumping back in the shower, she scrubbed, washed....nothing worked. Stepping out and drying again, she worried about what to do. Just then she here the door of the family car close.
She rushed downstairs, sat on the sofa naked and met her startled husband as he came in.
Thinking quickly, she acted hurt as she sighed,"Awwww, you forgot." he replied,"forgot what??" Our anniversary of course. She huffed. This IS our third week, and you know that's the" Passionate" Purple week!!!
They both began giggling, and ended up celebrating their 3rd with playful lovemaking the rest of the night.
Blue Cheer
Pup Mark
Moon Maiden
Life offers up strange experiences almost on a daily basis.
Sometimes making the world of dreams and fantasy, seem normal.
Rainbow Raven, a maiden from a faraway land, lives in the world of myth and fantasy.
Her heart was lost, having gone with a dark stranger who had visited her dreams one night. Her soul longed for her heart's return, and the one who had captured it.
So troubled she became, that she left her village, seeking.
After long months of wandering the wilderness, weak, close to death. A vision befell her.
The Green Goddess, Earth's Mother, had come to her. The Green Goddess looked deep into her soul...seeing the torment, and the true longing to rejoin with her heart,as well as joining and sharing with her heart's captor.
The Green Goddess draped the maiden in a cloak of jasmine and lavender. The maiden felt strange, but stronger, she was changing. As the cloak was lifted, a large raven with feathers of the rainbow was revealed.
The Green Goddess spoke, " Dear Maiden, thou you feel your heart is lost, it is not. The one you seek who holds it, cares for it with his life. But he is one of mine, and travels the earth as a guardian of my children. You will have to seek him. YOU, are now one of mine as well, from early fall, 'till the begining of spring, you shall be Rainbow Raven."
The Spring sun warmed the earth as Rainbow Raven awoke.
Her Flesh tingled with the sun's caressing warmth, she was human again.
She kneeled as she remembered the long winter's search.... only her mind caught glimpses of her heart, now her mind filled with the memories of the night it was lost.
She rose, looked around and began to walk, Her journey was still to be long.

"Look deep into my eyes, I will reveal your deepest desires."
"HEY, my eyes are up here!!!"

Moon Maiden Found
In her travels, Rainbow Raven encountered a wolf. He was hurt and needing help.
He was larger than any wolf she had seen, and had a regal air about him. She cared for him till he was well. He has stayed by her side ever since. A constant companion and true friend in her search.
Their journey had taken them far, they experienced and encountered many things, but she still could not find her heart. As they walked, she thought about her journey.
The Villages that welcomed her in early fall as The Rainbow Raven, believing her presence was a blessing of good will. The meeting of her companion, how dedicated to her he was. Always there for her, guarding, protecting....but letting her chose her own path.
The first time in many moons, she smiled.
The sun was high in the sky when they stopped to rest. The mid-summer's sun was warm, but not hot in the high hills. They rested & bathed in the sun.
Suddenly, Rainbow Raven was startled, her mind had drifted to "that" night.
But there before her was the vision of her longing...and realized, her heart, it wasn't lost. It just wasn't whole....and was looking for it's other half. She stood & looked deep at the vision.... It was his face....It was....Her companion and trusted friend.
She looked at him as the vision faded... He began to speak.
"Dearest Lady, You say your heart was lost, mine was lost too. But you see, they were not lost, just shared. That night our spirits danced in our dreams, they exchanged hearts and in the depth of passion...Our hearts split, each getting half of the other's. Since then, our spirits have searched. By joining together, our hearts are whole, and we can fly." As he spoke, he began to change... slowly he took the form of a handsome brave.
" I am Lunarpup, Moondog of the Greengoddess, and my heart belongs to you"
A feeling came over her... a warmth of pure tenderness and love filled the void that once held her heart. It was THERE, and half of Lunar's heart was embedded within.
She knew half of her heart was within his. As he looked upon her with joyful tears, a peaceful calm came across all the land, for Rainbow Raven was home.

Love is a very powerful force. It can bring the strongest to their knees,
Make the weak stand tall.
But most of all
Love begets Love!
Open YOUR heart to Love