Here are some more far out pics. As you can tell, I'm not re creating the art of the 60's, but rather continuing it's evolution. Using basic styles and colors, OoOoOooOooo the colors, hehehe and an expanded mind, I try to take the psychedelia from my inner thoughts to digital graphics. In some cases, I get something entirely different. lol but no less strange. haha
OK.... Light it if ya got it..... on with the show

Stop and think for a moment.... Do you see what surrounds you??
Do you notice the little things most never see?? Do you feel the vibrations others shrug off?? Do you see a flower blooming, instead of a weed in the yard?? A silver lining, instead of rain??
Take a moment and just think........
Life surrounds you...
Let it in!!

X Pup
Moon Bug
Expanding Mind
Cross Pup
Moon Mind
May Love, Peace and Understanding always light your path through life.
Much Love & Peace