Late in the evening, arising from the swirling mists of my deepest dream, you approach me. Draped only with your golden hair flowing like silk over your shoulders, and the radiant glow of your flesh, glistening with desires to be touched. My heart pounds as you begin to climb onto my bed & slowly up my body. My every nerve tingles with desires....my passions grow as you trace your breasts gently over my tummy & up to my chest... Mesmerized by your touch..by your eyes..they sparkle like emeralds capturing a single sunbeam, illuminating the passions buried deep with in you.. Your soft smile speaks silently of your passions as they begin to rise within you..Your hair gently caresses my face as your soft ,moist lips draw ever closer to mine. Tenderly, moistly our lips brush. Drawing back for a moment our eyes meet again, our lips once again touch, causing our inner passions to rise. Softly our tongues trace the moistness of one another's lips.....Our kiss deepens as our desires touch our every nerve. Feeling along the wonderfully warm , soft curves of your body, finger tips moving slowly down your spine ... over your soft bottom, gently squeezing your cheeks, being driven wild with desires & hot passion as you start passion's dance with your movements of longing above me. Our kisses become wild, your fingers entwined in my hair. Your hips answer to passion's song , gently gliding your moistness along the length of my ever growing desires, You rise slightly, allowing just the tips of your hardened nipples to brush against my chest, teasingly brushing my nipples. Your moistness soaking my hot hard desires, I move my hips with yours, gliding my warmth between your moist lips, tenderly caressing along your clit. You press your moistness harder against me, the tempo of passion's song quickens. You feel my hands firmly, but tenderly squeeze your cheeks & pull them open. At the same time you feel my hips draw way back, causing the tip of my hot desires to lightly trace down the center of your moist lips till it finds the warm depth of your desires. You arch a little with your head back, gasping softly as you feel me start to press slowly, tenderly into your moistness. You rock gently, allowing my hardness to move deeper with each thrust. Then you press down on me ...taking me deep within you, grinding against me as I thrust up into you. Within the magic of dreams, our surroundings fade as we drift beyond the clouds and into the eternal depths of the universe. Moving as one, we Dance among the stars, our only desire ....to be sated by passion's HOT flame. I hold your waist as I feel you tighten around me, you grab my wrists as you arch way back, pushing down hard onto the heat of my longing. You caress and squeeze me from within as wave after wave of lust's release rush through every part of your being...Your moistness flows from you, soaking my inner thighs. You feel me swell deep within you, causing your waves of release to heighten... explosively, you feel my hot release burst within, filling you, mixing with your juices...flowing as one from within you. The throbbing of my heat following your waves of release. We become one.... Slowly our trembling subsides...you collapse on to me...we embrace and drift to that magical land of dreams....
As morning comes, and I shake the shadows of sleep from my mind, I noticed you were not there. Then my memory reelects on your nocturnal visit... I felt a warmth flow through me a I thought of you, and the wonderful union of our souls... You are truely embedded in my Heart.
04/17/2001 EHB